5 ways to make money during the World Cup!


Make money by organizing parties to watch the World Cup!

Are you known among your friends for organizing the best parties?

Why not put your organizing skills to good use and host World Cup viewing parties at your home or local venue?

Charge a small entrance fee, sell food and drink, and create a festive atmosphere with themed decorations and games.

You can also partner with local businesses to sponsor the event and boost your revenue.

Make money by launching a World Cup prediction game!

Everyone loves predictions, especially when it comes to sporting events like the World Cup.

Create a World Cup prediction game where participants can guess match results, top scorers and tournament winners.

Charge an entry fee and offer attractive prizes to those who make the most accurate predictions.

You can even put the pool online to reach a wider audience and increase your earnings.

Make money selling World Cup merchandise!

Get into the World Cup spirit by selling exclusive items such as jerseys, scarves, caps and flags.

You can set up an ephemeral boutique near popular viewing areas, create an online store or partner with local vendors to distribute your products.

Offer limited-edition items and special discounts to attract customers and maximize your sales during the tournament.

Earn money with World Cup betting tips!

If you have a knack for analyzing soccer matches and predicting outcomes, why not monetize your expertise by providing World Cup betting tips?

Create a website or social media page where you can share your insights and recommendations with sports fans who want to place informed bets.

You can also collaborate with online betting platforms and earn commissions for customers who recommend you.

Make money with World Cup tours and experiences!

Turn your love of soccer and travel into a lucrative business by organizing World Cup tours and experiences for fans who want to attend the games in person.

Create packages including tickets, accommodation, transportation and guided tours of the host cities.

Partner with reputable travel agencies and ensure your customers have a seamless, memorable experience.

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